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    1.3 million US$ worth of carbon is stored in the mangroves of the Solomon Islands

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    400+ villages around Fiji are locally managing their marine resources

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    60.8 million US$ is the value of Vanuatu’s marine and coastal ecosystem services per year

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    In Tonga and the rest of the Pacific, subsistence fisheries depend on healthy inshore habitats

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    408,250 km2 is the area of Kiribati’s largest marine protected area – as large as California

Managing Marine Biodiversity


By strengthening institutional and individual capacity,

to manage and conserve biodiversity in marine and coastal ecosystems,

MACBIO support sustainable economies and livelihoods of Pacific Island Countries.


A project commissioned by BMUB to GIZ as part of IKI, jointly implemented by SPREP, IUCN and GIZ from 2013 to 2018.

Assisting Island Countries

goalsThe project is supporting Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu to meet their national biodiversity targets, as set out in their NBSAPs and the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan of the CBD, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Pacific Oceanscape Framework.

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The individual countries EEZ boundaries are depicted without prejudice to future negotiations which countries may enter into.

Valuing Planning Managing

  • Marine  ecosystem  service  valuation

    Undertaking economic assessments of marine and coastal ecosystem services, and supporting the integration of results into national policies
    and development planning

  • Marine  Spatial  Planning

    Supporting partner countries in collecting and analyzing spatial data on different forms of current and future marine resource use, establishing a baseline for national sustainable development planning

  • Effective  Management

    Collaborating with national and regional stakeholders to document effective approaches towards sustainable marine resource management and conservation

  • Dissemination

    Encouraging and supporting stakeholders in sharing and scaling up tried and tested concepts and approaches across the Pacific and internationally

A Sea of Islands

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In support of the  Pacific Oceanscape Vision

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