Key legal documents for marine management in Kiribati

This is a list of key legal documents relevant for marine management in Kiribati.

These documents are all available in the public domain and are compiled here merely for ease of access; these are not official MACBIO products.


Legislations and Regulations

PIPA Trust Act 2009

Protected Species Regulation

2011 Protected_Areas_Regulation_2009

Recreational Reserves Act 1996

Shark Sanctuary Regulations 2015

Wildlife Conservation Ordinance CAP 100_ 1977

Constitution of Kiribati_1979

Declaration of Reserves_2014

Declaration on Appointment of Environment Inspectors_2014

Environment (Amendmt) Act 2007

Environment Act 1999

Fisheries Act 2010

Kiribati Local Government (Amendmt) Act 2007

Local Government Act 1989

Marine Zone Act 1983

Mineral Development Licensing CAP 58_1977

PIPA Regulations_2008

Kiribati Foreshore and Land Reclamation_1998

Foreshore and Land Reclamation (Amendment) Act (No.7 of 2005)


Policy Documents

Kiribati Joint Implementation Plan for CC and DRM_2014-2023

Kiribati National Adaptation Program of Action 2007

Kiribati National Coastal Policy_Draft 13.09.2016

Kiribati NBSAP 2016-2020

Kiribati Population Policy 2014-2034

Kiritimati Intergrated Fisheries Master Plan 2014-2016

Kriibati 20-Year Vision 2016-2036_Draft

Line and Phoenix Integrated Strategy 2016 – 2036

National Framework on CC & CCA_2012


PIPA Management Plan 2015-2020

PIPA Management Plan_2010-2014

CCA Government Policy Statement_2004

Kiribati CC Adaptation Strategy_2005

Kiribati CC Health Action Plan_2011

Kiribati Development Plan 2016-2019

Kiribati Disaster Plan – Part 1_2012

Kiribati Disaster Plan – Part 2_2012

Kiribati Disaster Plan – Part 3_2012

Kiribati Energy Policy_2009

Kiribati Government Policy Statement 2016

Kiribati Integrated Environment Policy_ 2013



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