Kiribati Marine Atlas

Kiribati contains many marine ecosystems, from globally significant coral reefs to mangroves, seagrass areas, seamounts and deep-sea trenches supporting more than 500 fish species, including sharks and rays, as well as whales, dolphins and sea turtles. We are committed to conserving this unique marine biodiversity. Kiribati’s marine ecosystems are worth at least AU$400 million per year, which is twice the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). We are strongly committed to sustaining these values to build an equitable and prosperous blue economy. Improvements in research over the years have enabled us to better understand the ocean system and to develop solutions with a sustainable approach. A lot of data have become publicly available, with this atlas compiling over a hundred data sets from countless data providers to make this treasure trove of marine and coastal information accessible and usable for the first time as maps with narratives, as data layers and as raw data.

Download Kiribati Marine Atlas [215MB]

View Kiribati interactive Marine Atlas


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