Ms Ana Fekau explaining Tonga's Marine Spatial Planning Process

Valuing and Planning the Oceans at the World Conservation Congress

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At the recent IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 in Hawaii – Planet at the crossroads, representatives from MACBIO partner countries provided an overview of the work of the MACBIO project to date.

  • Tonga – Ms Ana Fekau, Integrated Island Biodiversity Project Coordinator, GEF Pacific Alliance for Sustainability, Department of Environment, MEIDECC
  • Solomon Islands – Dr Melchior Mataki, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology
  • Vanuatu – Mr Vatu Molisa, MACBIO Vanuatu Project Liaison Officer
  • Kiribati – Mr Riibeta Abeta, MACBIO Marine Planning Officer, and
  • Fiji – Mr Joshua Wycliffe, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment


highlighted the oftentimes hidden values of the Ocean, and thus the importance, as well as the progress of marine planning processes in Pacific Island Nations. The message was clear: There is a strong political will to manage ocean spaces, which is being called into action through the creation of ocean specific policies, such as in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. While valuing, planning and effectively managing the oceans is no easy task, these are necessary steps that must be taken to ensure the sustainable use of ocean spaces by all – on a blue planet at the crossroads.


–> Download MACBO presentation at IUCN WCC [ppt]


Riibeta Abeta highlighting Kiribati Marine Values

Riibeta Abeta highlighting Kiribati Marine Values


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On September 15, 2016

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